Hey There

I’m Olivia Lopez-Wheeler!
Entrepreneur. Business Advisor. Mama. Creative Director.

It's about time we found each other.

I'm a former techie who quit her job to be an entrepreneur after becoming a mom changed, well...everything. :)

Since then, my journey as a founder has allowed me to support my family (while actually spending time with them), do work I'm passionate about, hire an incredible team, and live out my life's purpose.

And now, I spend time helping women achieve the same.

Stick around, read my blog, book a consulting call -- whatever feels right for where you are. No matter what, I promise I'll share about all the business rules I've broken and the ones I've made up, my hard learnings that are now your shortcuts, how I balance work and family, and a ton more.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Startup Girl Era

Close your eyes and picture typical startup culture where there are lots of snacks at work, ping-pong in between meetings, and bring-your-dog-to-work days. That was my life and I loved it! But then something pretty life-changing happened...I became a mom!

Guilty Mama Era

I went back to work after my 3-month maternity leave and trying to FaceTime my baby during my lunch break was just NOT IT. My heart was somewhere else. So...I resigned. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Made for More Era

Being at home with my son was great and still, I wanted to design things and contribute financially to my household. So I turned my design freelancing skills into a solopreneur career. It wasn't long until I went from a designer who only worked during nap time...to the CEO who oversees a growing and successful business that employs multiple hands on deck.

Thriving CEO Era

Since founding my design agency, Acton Circle, I've...

  • Created a flexible schedule where I can put my family first
  • Gone from working around the clock to part-time
  • Worked with clients that are aligned with my personal values
  • Took a journey from being a freelancer to soloprenuer to CEO with a full team
  • Closed million-dollar organizations as clients
  • Went from $50k/year in year 1 of business to building a profitable, multiple 6-figure business

The Present

Empowering Women Era

I fully believe in the importance of helping people who are a few seasons behind achieve success in a simpler and more supported way.

So today, I feel a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment in helping women like you avoid learning things the hard way and instead get solutions that keep you moving forward.

If any part of my journey resonates with you, I'd love to meet!

book a free consult

I help solopreneurs break traditional business rules so they can build a business that is flexible, fulfilling, and rewarding.

Let's Make it Happen

My coaching sessions are rooted in service and are meant to help you wherever you're at. No cookie-cutter or out-dated advice included.

Monthly Coaching

Feel like you're in over your head with getting a steady stream of clients, scaling up operations, managing clients, and not working all the dang time? Don't worry, I got you!

With regular coaching sessions, you'll have the accountability and motivation you need to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Power Hour

If you're starting your journey as a creative entrepreneur and trying to build an impact-driven service business that gives you time, money, and freedom, I'd love to support you.

A power hour session will provide you with guidance and practical steps to overcome and avoid the bumps in the road that are making your design business journey a bit rocky.

Guiding Values

Harmony instead of balanceIt's easy to be consumed by the daily demands of running a business and showing up for family, friends, and loved ones, so much so that we fail to take care of ourselves. As a result, we can feel lost, lonely, and overwhelmed. When we realize that doing things we enjoy OUTSIDE of work and other people, is a good thing, we begin to nurture every part of ourselves.

More than your work
On any given day, priorities may shift, and recalibration will be required. Instead of chasing an elusive state of balance, we choose to live in harmony with our priorities. We're open to the natural ebbs and flows of life and finding peace in each day.

Stay in your lane We all have a unique journey that we are on. It isn't fruitful to beat ourselves up because we aren't farther along than the next person. While we might think we aren't qualified, ready, or the right person, remind yourself that you are equipped to create a life you love and develop a business that's unique to you.

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